Saturday, 1 May 2010

Raw Egg Experiments

This texture experiment in C4D followed from previous experiments on raw egg textures in Bryce.

However with the addition of the violet mist....The nice colours and transluscency change completely.... Um... I need to think about that.

You can also see the experiments on getting rust to creap up the sides of the buildings and thus leave rust stains.

The raw egg in Bryce turned out just fine, and this second attempt in C4D is looking better.

But I don't like the texture on the eggshell pile.

I also looked at how this raw egg would look when seen through the rust mists:

This was a very render intensive image however so I usually just tested a small area.

But you do sometimes need to see the whole thing and it's only when I saw it like this that I realised that seen through the rust mist the raw egg actually looked like dried egg - well dried and cracked.

It looks very nice, but it's just not what I was going for. Even though it is showing up the nice cracking in the rust texture... oh well...

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