Thursday, 6 May 2010


I began asking in various forums how to make this sort of coruscating light effect over a sphere, and although a few people knew how to do it and showed the end result - no one, absolutely no one would explain how to do it.  I was getting desperate at the end of 2 months of asking around and no solution in sight.

Then Stan, our technician at the uni came up with a similar effect - in just 2 days.

This then enabled me to produce something close to the effect I was looking for if not the exact effect.

Thus I got this:

Which is nice, if not quite what was required.

I particularly liked the way the blood corpuscles obscure the plasma glow when they pass in front of the nucleus.

I'm also quite pleased with the effect of the electrons, I was able to use a material - with only a little adjustment - that I used for my last 3D film made to the specifications for an exhibition - although not entered for it, the exercise was done simply for the interesting outlined requirements.

The original material was used as a glass, this only needed some few changes to give it this effect of a burned, or crunchy surfaced texture.

A previous attempt resulted in this:

Which in my opinion is so far removed from the desired effect as to be laughable.  But don't throw anything away, I might need weird ribbons one day.... possibly.

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