Saturday, 1 May 2010


Testing the multi sourced rusts.

I used photos of rust and rusty metal from various places around the country.

This multi sourced rust image came from various individual rusts:
I really liked this multitudinous rust image but it just didn't suit the situation, it looked too confusing when animated as a boiling rust sea...

So that in the end I used just a small part of the images that went to make up that multi complex rust, I used this one that I called Complex Iron Pits, since the original metal looked pitted with rust.

This rust came from the Reading industrial area, the industrial companies were very kind in allowing me access to their grounds.

This is just from a small iron sheet used to cover a tiny pipe outlet - it was just about 4 inches by 4 and as you can see a gorgeous colour and texture.

At Mersea - lost of rust there helped along by the salty sea air.

In particular a fantastic anchor that was almost completely rust, unfortunately removed last year, beasts - I was getting some great textures from that.

This image was from the anchor:

and here's the anchor before it was removed.

And from our own home, Mill House, - I got a great texture just off an old rusty shovel,

and the oil tank for the heating has some great rust on it.

And after a bit of adjustment that rather dull original became this:

Like a smattering of blue stars, lovely!

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