Saturday, 1 May 2010

Early Egg Film Developments

Early designs for the egg film, no set name for the film either yet, are:

This shot: I wanted to keep the sky as simple as possible so here I'm going for greys with just a touch of colour in the blue haze on the horizon - this shot is an experimental one where I was working in Bryce6.3 - you can also see the initial simply designed buildings plus two more complex buildings. I really like the complex ones but they don't go with the simple ones - I'm thinking of using the complex ones for the more exciting part where the eggs go to investigate the lure.

This shot above is now using the complex buildings down below the simple buildings - which are raised up on a hill, to separate them from the grime, dirt and alure down below. This shot is also experimenting with lights and shadows, Film Noir type, but with colour.

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