Saturday, 1 May 2010

First egg test - here the idea of a single chip of eggshell that had become almost completely detached, but was still sitting there - like a single curl on a cartoon boy's head - which I later animated to bounce up and down in time to the egg's movements.

I liked the brown, it looked very egglike, but I also liked the idea of a simple outline to the egg and the chip didn't fit with this, so it went, I also went away from the idea of a brown eggshell at about this point too. I wanted to keep with the idea of simplicity, and white fitted with that, so the egg changed to a white one at this point.

Here the design of both the world and the buildings begins:

Initially they were simple tall straight shapes, in varying sizes.

Then I felt that the simple whiteness of both buildings and of egg and the world's whiteness was just too much,

so I began experimenting with colours for the egg, here some touches of pale blue colour have been put in the egg and the whiteness of the world is toned down to a more grey look.

I also did some experimenting with the infinite plane, here it's a fairly simple grey with just a touch of reflection and a little bit of texture, but still mostly plain.

Then I thought why not use water?

I liked this quite a bit, it broke up the reflections of the buildings and blended the haze better.

But the lack of a ground surface did kind of limit the logic of where the eggs could go, so that I had to add barely submerged areas of buildings for the further egg to stand on, and movement became a matter of hoping from building to building.

That I didn't like so much. So despite the possibilities of some quite nice camera angles, I abandoned this idea fairly early on.

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