Saturday, 1 May 2010

Textures on the Star Egg

At this point (January 2010) I was testing the amount of light in the scene, and textures on both eggs and buildings. I didn't do much to the main egg (Closest to camera) but worked on the other two - which were at that stage the only two Elitist eggs.

Later in January I then began addressing the issue of the texture for the main egg and here in testing mode in Bryce I was able to create a sky to match the mood.

I also managed to get a really nice glow to the egg and the use of metaballs also was an intriguing route to go down especially with the ability to make the metaballs cling to the surface of any object.

However I knew I would not be rendering or animating from Bryce and as I knew a lot less about how metaballs work in Cinema4D or in Maya, and although nice I could not sufficiently relate these metaballs to my overall ideas about the egg film which involved rust and decay and our lack of appreciation of its beauty and the need for an individual to interact through a deliberate choice with such things, rather than by falling into the morass by mistake and expecting to survive it.

So I tried out some other ideas for things to attack the eggs:

I was still clinging to the metaballs idea at this stage but adding other things, like the boxes, and I dallied for a while with the idea of bugs.

However this was not my model and I did not see that I could take sufficient time out to model a bug myself and I wanted all the models to be mine. (thinking of possible copyright issues)

There followed a bit of experimentation with the arrangement of boxes on the egg.

And at this stage I was also trying different things with the rust mists or rust sea.

At this stage I was going towards the rust mists idea but although having gaps in the planes with the rust textures on them and using multiple numbers of mist planes, animating them I could not get a satisfactory movement going.

So although in a still image this sort of thing looks really great I found that the gaps weren't working.

So I began looking more towards the rust sea idea, but I was still liking the multiple rusts.

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