Sunday, 30 August 2015


Here's SnowPea, one of my favourite characters, he's a cheery sort of fellow, rather like a British army Colonel of the old school.  Knows a good deal, and bluffs when he doesn't.  

I haven't posted to this blog for quite a while but I have a fair bit more done since the last post.
Here is BlooPea and just behind him is BeanPole.
BlooPea is still a pea shape but there's elements of blackberry in there and of course he's prone to making bloops, thus BlooPea.

Then there's this little feller:
This is FrozenPea, she's a little blue from the cold, and she wears a frozen Ice Cap, and has icicles for a skirt.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Better Face For 'Green Pea', Better Glass For Door.

Been working on the "Green Pea" model, his face in fact.

I'd intended this model to not have arms for the majority of the animation but just to have them appear when he really needs them - rather like the blob in 'Monsters vs Aliens'.  And I prefer this Blues N' Greens effect in the stained glass door, the yellow was a nice idea but it just looked rather murky:

I find that GreenPea's face can look a bit like he's scowling, or is a bit fierce.  I'm not happy with that so I'm working on his features.  As he's such a major character, it's important to get that right.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Caffeine or Cafe?

I've broken the 50K barrier!!!
I had got to a really sticky point in my novel, had to do some in-depth research to sort out an area, which was linked to so many other parts of the novel that I just could not go forward.  Single sentences became a long hard slog, deeply thought over and wrung from the pencil with great intensity.  But now I've limped over the 50K hill, things seem to have eased up again.  I went to a local cafe today and managed a total today of 1447, after 10 or 20 words a day for some long time, 1447 is a minor miracle.

The only question is, was it the caffeine or the cafe?
Whichever it was I'm a very relieved writer today.  Long may it last.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Madagascan or Japanese?

Okay things were getting tricky what with freezers and Madagascan plant matter - or perhaps Japanese, but I think most of the research investigations are cleared up now so hopefully I should be able to woosh ahead now...

I like wooshing.