Thursday, 12 April 2012

Caffeine or Cafe?

I've broken the 50K barrier!!!
I had got to a really sticky point in my novel, had to do some in-depth research to sort out an area, which was linked to so many other parts of the novel that I just could not go forward.  Single sentences became a long hard slog, deeply thought over and wrung from the pencil with great intensity.  But now I've limped over the 50K hill, things seem to have eased up again.  I went to a local cafe today and managed a total today of 1447, after 10 or 20 words a day for some long time, 1447 is a minor miracle.

The only question is, was it the caffeine or the cafe?
Whichever it was I'm a very relieved writer today.  Long may it last.

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