Sunday, 25 September 2011

Project Green Pea

 I've found that in using a negative of the wall texture the entire scene looks much better, ditto the floor:

 Poor old Green Pea does look dwarfed when placed in the scene at the correct size.

Here is a sketch of the main character for this animation:

and the first model in 3D of him:

My next task is to actually model his mouth and other facial features, so that he can be properly animated.

Which I have now done:

After that I have some more characters to add, to find out more about them go here:

I've been working on the wall a little, just enough to adjust the original, but I think I'd like to do a different wall design altogether as well, perhaps something more along the lines of the floor, as that worked so much better... in the meantime here's the adjusted wall design and another floor design:

I'm just creating various sets for my new animation about a Green Pea.  One version of the Green Pea character is done - but I want a more mobile mouth so I'm going to remodel that, and then rig it.
The sets are in Black N White at the moment as I'm interested in patterns 'a la Caligari' and want those to dominate. I may add various subtle tints to the designs later but for now it'll be just black N white.

I love the floor, I also have a more jagged floor design, but I'm not so sure about the design for the wall with the stained glass door in it - it's not jaggy enough I think - I'll have to work on that...

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